Networking has always been an essential aspect of your professional career. Now, more than ever, it is important to network effectively. With so many online networking platforms, you may feel like you don’t really need to attend that charity auction or networking event anymore. You do! Face to face interactions and networking will help bolster your career and you can even help others in the process. How can you network effectively? Follow these three simple tips.

Connect with the Right people

Networking is great but if you are not connecting with the right people, it is pointless. However, this is part of the process. You will not find everyone you meet to be useful to you or your business. However, if you continue to network and stay in touch, eventually you will connect with the exact right people. Attend different types of networking events and note where you feel you make the best connections. Continue to attend these events. Once you do connect with the right people, connect to their connections. This will help you build your own, effective network of people.

Thank People who Help You

If you meet someone and they set you up with an interview or even just introduce you to a prominent player in your field, thank them! There is no excuse not to thank someone who has helped you advance in your career. A simple email will do, but if someone helped you out to an extreme measure, try sending them a handwritten note and maybe even a gift. It will be much appreciated!

Help Others

Along the same vane, you must also help others. Introduce them to colleagues, share their resume or simply sit down and answer questions they have. Do for someone what others have done for you. What goes around comes around in networking and as others help you it is imperative that you return the favor!

Follow the above tips for effective networking and you will notice a change almost immediately. Always remember to thank someone who helped you, and provide your help to others.