Alexis Khazzam

Entrepreneur based in Peoria, IL

Alexis Khazzam is the owner of Junction City Shopping Center. Junction City opened in 1956 as Peoria’ s first retail destination. The concept was to offer a collection of locally owned, premier retail boutiques in one beautiful and convenient setting. Over the past 60 years some of our stores have changed, but their commitment to friendly and personal service has not.

Located in Peoria, Illinois Junction City has a history of hosting special events for the community and this tradition of being community centric continues today. In today’s world of strip-malls and mega-malls, Junction City feels familiar and is an easy and enjoyable place to shop and spend the day.

Alexis Khazzam proudly renovated Junction City upon purchasing the  50,000-square-foot Junction City Shopping Center and adjacent 30,000-square-foot warehouse, a former Bubble Up bottling facility, in 2005.  Phased renovations, with great attention paid to landscaping and historic preservation, began immediately upon his purchase. The following year’s acquisition of the adjacent town hall building and troubled Grandview Hotel, and the 2008 purchase of the former IDOT building next door set the stage for the site’s current layout.

Apart from Junction City, Alexis Khazzam is equally dedicated to various ventures in the Illinois area.

AppsCo: AppsCo is a not-for-profit organization providing a fully integrated business learning experience for public school students. AppsCo’s sole purpose is generating revenues and raising funds for the school district while employing participating students over non scholastic months. AppsCo has close ties to Peoria Public Schools. Though its original focus as a student-run business has changed, it relies on teenage expertise with social media as it teaches them business skills and provides job opportunities.

Alpha Jeep & Motorsports: Both a nationally- and internationally-recognized customization shop based in Illinois. The Alpha Jeep team goes above and beyond for every client, meeting with you personally and working with you on every step on the customization process. Alpha Jeep and Motorsports officially opened its doors in 2013.  As a licensed Quadratec- and ARIES-sponsored dealer, the Alpha Jeep team performs many different Jeep customizations. Whether it’s upgrading your engine or installing bull bars or modular bumpers for your Wrangler, they are the best place to do the job.

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