Being a lifelong learner is a critical aspect to being an effective leader. One way of constantly learning is by attending conferences or summits. The following five conferences are known for providing an interactive and transformative experience!

South By Southwest (Austin, Texas)

As an interactive, music and film festival, SXSW‘s creative programming has made it a destination for thought leaders from all over the world. South By Southwest is hosted in multiple venues throughout the city of Austin. The conference spans ten days and includes everything from networking to workshops to keynote speeches (featuring the likes of Barack Obama).

The Yellow Conference (Los Angeles, California)

Featuring independent entrepreneurs and artists, The Yellow Conference sits at the intersection of social good and creativity. The two-day event includes a curated “do-good” market and the opportunity to purchase an ongoing digital membership for year-round lessons and networking.

99U Conference (New York, New York)

The Muse explains that this leadership conference, held in New York City,  is all about making your big ideas come to fruition. You’ll hear from leading creative visionaries on how they’ve found success—and leave with a toolbox full of ways to turn your idea into a reality.

Creative South (Columbus, Georgia)

Held in Columbus, Georgia, Creative South’s workshops and talks circle around critical thinking and collaboration and typically attract members of the design community. However, there are many benefits for a business leader to attend as well.

#WORK (Austin, Texas)

According to Forbes,  #WORK is designed with bootstrapped entrepreneurs and creatives in mind. #WORK is a one-day event that explores the different approaches to creative and entrepreneurial work. Based in Austin, Texas, the conference is not only affordable but it touches on personal and professional development, business management and entrepreneurship.

Whether you choose to attend a one day, affordable workshop at #WORK or a more well-known conference like South by Southwest, you are sure to gain knowledge for your field.